01 August 2011

Ruby Tuesday: A Garden of Red Flowers in Genting


The sight of of this lovely garden of red flowers is just one of the many spectacular views we saw while riding the caterpillar in Genting Highlands.  There wasn't much crowd yet because we got there at dawn which sent chills to our spine.  I must have covered myself with layers of clothing that day.

Genting Highlands in Malaysia is a six-hour trip from Singapore.  We left Singapore at 10PM and arrived in Genting Highlands at almost 5AM.  There are plenty of things to do in Genting Highlands, tourists can stay at the Genting First World Hotel, shop at branded shops and have fun with different amusement rides.  This is also where the famous wind tunnel can be found.  I would have loved to try it and have a picture with my face distorted as I tumble and spin inside the machine but it's kinda grand for a traveler on a budget like me. 

                                            Facade of the colorful Genting First World Hotel.