18 July 2011

Ruby Tuesday #7: A red truck of pop corn

How wonderful it would be if this was a real truck full of popcorn! Well, it is but it's a popcorn store inside the Universal Studio in Singapore. My Universal Studio experience is probably one of the happiest of my recent past.  It's great to be able to bring out the inner child in us once again as we watched and guffawed like carefree kids while watching Far, far away and giggling like wide-eyed kids whenever we see Kung Fu Panda or Puss in Boots.  

There were a  lot of attractions to see but trying to see them all in a day would be too impossible.  I hope I'd be able to go there in the future again and I would love to be with real kids because it's such a joy to see kids really happy.  See more red here.


Mika said...

That's a cool pop corn store :)

visiting from RT

Liz said...

Sounds like fun!

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Maria @ LSS said...

Great capture. Happy RT!

Mine's here.