14 July 2010

The Infinity Pool at Villa de Mercedes

In relation to my previous post, Villa de Mercedes: to go or not to go. I didn't have the chance to say no to the opportunity last Saturday as my co-workers already texted me that they were waiting for me outside and that they were willing to wait until I get ready to go. So, I was able to join the fun joint birthday celebration of two dear co-workers.

We arrived there late in the afternoon so I didn't have the chance to capture the scenery during daytime. All of the shots I took were night scenes using my handy point and shoot Sony Cybershot.
This is the kid's pool, notice the nice colorful lights of the pool. It accentuates the pool even more at night time.

For those who don't feel like dipping into the pool, bringing a good book with you is a good idea because you can have a great time lounging in one of those relaxing couches by the poolside.

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