12 July 2010

Blog Updates

After a week of deafening silence, I am back. A lot of things came up the past week that took a toll on all of us here at home. It was a tough week dealing with sickness in the family with my brother being admitted for a few days and our sweet little puppies not being able to survive the distemper virus that hit them despite efforts by the kind veterinarian who attended to them when they were sick. It was a sad week so that kind of made me not in the mood to work on my blogs.

Tonight, I resolved to make an update but not without some minor distractions from an ad about Texas Movers which made me really curious because the last time I checked on something called swingers which made me thought about swings which we played on as kids turned out be referring to something which is not desirable. After all, I am not that familiar with the ways of the world. Speaking of moving, transferring to a new abode can be a real pain especially when moving long distance so in the case of the people Moving to Texas, there are things they should be really thankful for like some Texas Moving Companies.

By the way, we just did general cleaning around the house and looking at the amount of stuffs that we have, I wonder if these are the kind of stuffs that Texas International Movers have to deal with every day. They must be doing a great job taking care of hassles like moving things. It was so lucky of us that we don't have to move from one house to another.

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