19 July 2010

Back from a Vacay

Just got back from a fun and happy weekend with my best friends from College. We don't get to see each other much, if we do, it happens twice a year so the reunion was a very welcome happening. That trip was a spur of the moment thing when we met last May because Ada came home to Davao for a vacation. She invited us to come over her place in Manila so in an instant, we found ourselves booking a flight for Manila in July. Aahh, these friends can be compared to a precious gold bullion that never loses its value as time goes by but unlike a bullion, a good friend cannot be bought . We opted to go for Cebu Pacific's Go Lite Promo because it's a hundred bucks cheaper but that means we have to travel light too.

Ada's family met us at the airport and we proceeded to MOA to rent a van and then went to Bonifacio High Street to meet my sister who was leaving for a training the next day. Typhoon Basyang had just left the country and coming from a typhoon-free city, we were surprised to see the aftermath of Basyang in Manila. We went to Tagaytay last Saturday but it was sad to see how the place deteriorated through the years. We had lunch at Sonya's Garden but the place wasn't what we expected as well. We then left for Manila and had a shopping spree at Greenhills. It is during these times that we wish we had lots of money to burn. After the shopping was done, our bags felt like we had bricks of gold inside because it was heavy. Speaking of gold, there's a good place to buy bullion for those who are planning to buy gold bullion. They can visit goldcoinsgain.com for more information about gold and buying gold bullion.

The places we visited were not quite impressive but what counts the most is the happy time we spent together. We are all so looking forward to November as we explore Iloilo and Boracay for the first time.

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