24 June 2010

Wish there were more Wi-fi Spots in Davao

Internet connection has become a necessity but here in Davao, free internet connections can only be availed when you go to coffee shops or to SM. There is also a free internet access in the airport but you have to wait for your turn in case there's queue of people wanting to use it. I wish there are more wifi spots here in Davao like those you see in Manila. While strolling the Ayala Triangle Gardens, yes! where the Philippine flag inspired flower garden is located, we were surprised to see that Globe has a free Wi-fi service in the area. They also have free internet stations inside malls that shoppers can use when there's something they need to check over the web. How convenient that can be. I wish we have that here.

(The Philippine Flag)

(A closer look at the sun and its eight rays symbolizing the first eight provinces to rise against the Spaniards)

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