18 June 2010

When one gets drowned in her work

My working station is an awful mess these days. Due to the several activities I have engaged myself into during the past couple of months plus the mandatory records management activity that takes up a lot of time considering the tons of paperwork that we do everyday, it seemed like my work backlog is growing bigger and bigger each day that I can no longer handle and manage it well. To solve this, I have listed down the tasks that I needed to do and figure out which is urgent and not so urgent and from there, I could make a schedule of things that I need to do. As much as I do not want to render overtime work, I have no choice but to work beyond the eight hours just so I could meet the deadline and to keep my tasks updated. I am itching to get rid of all the mess that sometimes, voracious me only has to grab an endulge bar just so I won't have to bother with a grumbling stomach.

Again, tomorrow I will be working on a Saturday. If I have a song playing in my head right now, it would have to be that song that talks about wishing to be a billionaire so freaking bad! But this is life so let's just live with it .

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