16 June 2010

Team Pacquiao

For years, it had been General Santos City = Pacquiao. General Santos City is home to the world's No. 1 Pound for Pound Boxer (take that, Gayweather!) and every time we hear General Santos City, we remember Pacquiao more than we remember tuna. So on our recent trip to the City, we stopped by Robinson's since the Robinson's we have here in Davao City is only the Supermarket. The store that we frequently went to in Robinson's was Team Pacquiao, a clothing store owned by Pacman himself.

In the store, you will find this life sized poster of Manny Pacquiao which was taken during the weigh-in for the Dela Hoya fight. Also displayed in the store are some of Manny's prized possession like the Everlast boxing gloves with Manny's signature in it and the Boxer of the year award that he won. Being a visitor to this city and a huge fan of Pacman even way back when he was still starting out in Blow by Blow, I never left the store without getting a Team Pacquiao shirt with Pacman's signature in it. I then prodded my co-workers to buy a shirt too so we could wear it together on a Friday at work and all of them did. I wish I'd be able to see the man in flesh one day.


Tita Beng said...

Hi Nelly! One of my dreams is to see Davao and the one you visited recently, the Gensan. Good for you that you have been to Pacman's store and loot some shirts for pasalubong.

I missed this blog!

redamethyst said...

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