02 June 2010

Taking down my Gensan Notes

I am here in General Santos City to participate in our company's National Sportsfest which is going to be held in Alabel Saranggani. I arrived yesterday after more than two hours of road trip along with my other co-workers. The heat of General Santos City is incomparable even to the hottest temperature we experience in Davao. The heat is simply exhausting and torturous to the skin. So after a few hours of being exposed outside, I got myself a running nose and a dry and irritating cough.

The sportsfest will open this afternoon at 1:00 pm and I am just so glad that I am not among the players so that would mean I am not required to join the parade under the glaring and scorching heat of the sun. I am only praying that there will be no power outage this afternoon contrary to what we experienced yesterday afternoon while doing our aerodance rehearsals. It was suffocating especially that the committee has covered the windows with cardboard to prevent sunlight from coming in since the gym is airconditioned anyway but it did not prove to be advantageous during power outages.

Since I don't want to be remiss on my blogging duties, I have brought my laptop with me but the hotel's wifi zone is limited to its public areas so that would mean I have to go down every time I need to do something on the net. I was informed by my friend about the latest web host news and so I need to check on that too because switching to a domain has been a long overdue task for me.

Saranggani is known for its beautiful beaches, as one of the descriptions I have read a few days ago, its beaches can be compared to that of Boracay twenty years ago. To find that out for myself, me and some of my friends are planning to see the beaches in Gumasa after our events. I will be blogging more of General Santos later.

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bariles said...

Welcome to GenSan and good luck on your games!

Some Davao and Cagayan de Oro Bloggers were here last weekend to discover more of SOCCSKSARGEN.

Hope you have a wonderful stay! And yes, visiting Gumasa would be a swell idea with all these heat!

Happy Blogging!