25 June 2010

On a tight budget

Time to work doubly hard because here comes difficult times. I am currently doing my Math homework right now because after having been to two different cities this month, I must now watch my spending habits. There's a downside to traveling and that's having to live with a tight budget after because of the dining and shopping we do while traveling. However, despite all the calculations and budgeting that I do, I still end up short due to unaccounted spending that I forgot to list down. Solving mathematical problems back then was easier though we didn't have Free math homework help than having to adhere to a strictly tight budget. So I must work doubly hard to get online work so I could come up with funds for my upcoming travel again.

Speaking of math, it's really nice to see that kids these days get free math tutoring to help them cope up with their math lessons. Back then, we really need to listen to our teachers' explanations carefully and understand what's written in the books.

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