23 June 2010

Need to do some cleaning quick!

Our home is such a ghastly sight these days. The windows are covered with dusts, curtains needed to be changed, some appliances needs repair and the floors has to be scrubbed. My hands are really full these days and I can no longer figure out which should come first. The people at home are taking turns getting sick and this could be because the house is dirty. I easily get a runny nose whenever I clean the room because the dusts accumulate easily because we live near the highway so I am thinking about getting a portable air purifier cheaply so I no longer have to worry about the air that we breathe.

I have been doing overtime work the whole week so I am tired when I get home. I still need to organize my recent travel pictures and the posts that I need to do. I am still confused as to where I have to begin with all of the tasks that are at hand. Sometimes, I wish I could hire help just to get everything running smoothly.

Anyway, I will start with my room tomorrow morning then slowly move to my comfort room then to the kitchen. Hah! just thinking about those things is giving me a headache. I got to go now because I don't want to be late for work tomorrow. See you around.

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