20 June 2010

Must lose weight now!

I got hold of another seven-day diet program shared to us by a co-worker. I have been trying to lose weight for several months now but has been on a yo-yo trend. Whenever I lose weight due to rigid physical activities, I immediately gain back the poundage I lost. Sometimes, it makes me think about getting drastic measures just so I'll get rid of these fats. In about six months, I will be the Maid of Honor in my sister's church wedding. I had my measurement taken last month and was quite happy that I was able to shed off some inches. Though I still have plenty of time to work on it, I sometimes think about doing it the fast way. I wonder if bariatric food will work wonders for me.

After watching the A-team today, I was again reminded of the goal to become fit again when I saw Jessica Biel. Had I known back then that losing weight is this hard, I should have watched what I eat every time. I am afraid of taking those diet pills because they might have side effects later on or we never know our true state of health especially that I experience episodes of palpitation so I guess it's better to stay away from those pills.

So what's the best weight loss program for me? I already know that exercise works best for me but I am too lazy to do it regularly. I have no physical activity for two weeks now and I am worried that I'll gain more weight so I guess I better revive my badminton racket before that happens. Badminton, I haven't played for quite a while now and I missed playing. It reminds me, I need to do a separate post on that too.

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