18 June 2010

Manila after one and a half year

We spent the long weekend with a short trip to Manila to visit my sister Jenny who works there. That Manila experience was far different from the previous visits that I had, the last time I went there was during our company's badminton competition about one and a half year ago. This time, I was lucky not to experience Manila's exasperating traffic gridlock. It must be because it was a holiday and a weekend.

Though we originally planned to go to Tagaytay, we have to scrap the plan because of Taal's level 2 alert. I haven't been to Tagaytay so I was in a way upset. I have not prepared much for that trip because I was so busy coming from General Santos so I had to prepare my stuffs to bring for that trip six hours before the trip so I ended up sleepy head during the entire flight and as I was in Manila, I realized I forgot to bring a lot of important things, my eyeglasses being the most important. My sister's housemate was heaven-sent because we fortunately have the same grade.

It was a short 3-day trip but I had a lot of fun experiences to share. More about my Manila experience in the coming days!

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