07 June 2010

Home sweet home

It's great to be back home! After four days, we returned from General Santos with our mission accomplished. The Southmin group was the over-all champion alongside NCR Housing group for our 2010 National Sportsfest that was held in General Santos City from June 3-5. The contingents from the different regions arrived early morning on June 3 in time for the opening ceremony later in the afternoon which was held at Sarangani Capitol Gym. It was a very long and exhausting four-day stay yet it was also a fun and learning experience too as we immerse ourselves with the culture and way of life of General Santos City.

The first thing that I instantly noticed when we reached General Santos City was its tormenting heat. I guess almost everyone got a darker shade when we returned because some of the activities required us to stay outdoors. I also now understand that General Santos City's main mode of transportation is the pedicab or a tricycle. When we first got there, I immediately looked for a taxi so we can get to our hotel faster but we were informed that taxis there are hired for a special price and there was only about two of them in sight so we had no choice but to ride a pedicab as there was no available office vehicle to accommodate us that afternoon. After several times of riding the pedicab, I have learned to appreciate it because it has a flat rate of 7 pesos no matter how far or near your destination will be unlike the jeepney here in Davao. It could be a pain in the neck though, I mean literally especially if you get into a smaller pedicab which cannot fit the likes of Bonel Balingit.

Another interesting thing is that we were amazed to find out how the 3d movie ticket at Robinson's Movie world would cost at a surprisingly low price of P111 only! Though we really would love to watch Shrek on 3d last Saturday, we cannot squeeze it in to our schedules so we have to forego that one. A 3d movie ticket at SM here in Davao would cost P250 so that's more than double the price at Robinson's in General Santos so I must say we really missed on one great opportunity.

Just across our hotel is the Plaza Heneral Santos so we took time for a walk in the park at night and was pleased to see the nice view of the park and the nearby establishments that we ended up having an instant photo walk that night and had fun taking snapshots of the lights and the beauty of the park.

It wasn't my first time to go to General Santos City but I can say that this time, I was able to experience the city more than during my first visit there and I loved the experience. It is indeed Magandang Gensan!

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