21 June 2010

Don't let the bed bugs bite

This is usually what I hear from a friend whenever we exchange good nights before going to sleep but a year ago, I realized that we can also take this literally because there was a time when our mattresses were infested with bed bugs. I had no idea what it was until I noticed that I got those rashes and itches from bed bugs as one friend has noticed. Right there and then, we had our mattresses cleansed with a certain pesticide that was meant to kill the nasty bed bugs. But more than that, my sisters and I needed to get an effective bed bug bites cure for ourselves.

Speaking of skin care, my sister and I go to different skin care clinics but she is persuading me to try her clinic since they are giving away membership packages that are really great on savings. However, I am not about ready to give up the convenience I get from my present skin care clinic because of its proximity to my office and to our home. My legs are in bad shape these days because I always get this insect bites from I don't know where, I notice this every time I sit on our couch so I am suspecting that it might be pest-infested again. Now, we know why they are called pests.

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