29 May 2010

When old friends meet again

...expect a lot of binging and never-ending stories about life and its becoming. The same is true when me and my college friends got together again after almost a year of not seeing each other. Our friend who is already living in Manila went home this month for a visit to her family and so it's a must for us to meet and catch up on each others' lives. We decided to meet in the afternoon since one of our friends live in Tagum which is about an hour away from Davao City. Unusually, I was the first to arrive at our meeting place, a coffee shop that my girl friends have learned to love. It's the only coffee shop here that serves frozen yogurt but that's not what we ordered that day.

The service that day was disappointing and in fact, somebody made an awful scene that day to show his disgust about how poor the service of the coffee shop is. The bitter thing is that the foreigner was lambasting the whole Philippines for having a low-class quality of service. Anyway, 'nuff of the unpleasantries, my mocha avalanche was a blast though and we had a great time there unmindful of the people around us.

Through the course of the conversation, somebody suddenly thought of going for a vacation together on July and in a spur of a moment, we were headed to the nearest internet cafe we could find to book our tickets. That's something all of us are really looking forward to in the next couple of months.

Not yet ready to call it a night, we decided to go to Krua Thai, an authentic Thai restaurant to have our dinner. We were lucky to catch their Visakha Bucha Festival which runs from May 15 until June 15.

Thom Yam soup (Php 180)

Seafood Platter (299)

Meat Platter (Php 299)

We went home fully stocked that night and we weren't able to finish everything so I took it home. I am now counting the days until July because I can't wait to be with good friends again. It's actually our first time to travel together and I bet it will be a lot of fun just like how it used to be during college days.

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