02 May 2010

Sunny gives us a break

I woke up to an unusual summer day that's free from the glaring heat of the sun. I'm usually awaken by the painful rays of the sun that directly hits right through my windows which could really be uncomfortable to my half-sleepy eyes. Today was different because it was a nice morning to wake up to. The sky is cloudy, the sun is nowhere in sight yet it doesn't seem like it's going to rain today. Perfect for going outdoors.

I have been wanting eat pizza for weeks now but haven't found the perfect time to buy my favorite pizza. The coffee shop that sells it is just too far from where we live. I love this pepperoni and spinach pizza from Cafe Firrenzo. Others find the spinach weird but I just love the taste of crunchy spinach.

Here, take a closer look.

update: There's drizzle outside. It turns out that I'm not that good with weather forecasts. I am praying that it would go away soon because I need to dry my clothes.


Anonymous said...

dropping here following you too..

pipay said...

sooo yummy sis.

chessy Pizza is also our favorite, Hawain from yellow cab