08 May 2010

Get ready for May 10

Election doesn't happen often so chances are, our memories may have missed some important things to do before and while casting our vote. Understandably, most people cannot remember their precinct number especially in the case of the elderly people. A few days ago, my dad kept on saying that he cannot remember his precinct number and that all he can recall that his polling precinct was located on the second floor of the public school near our place. To find the answers to his question, we went to COMELEC's website and as expected, they have a precinct finder for those who don't know their precinct number. To find your precinct, just go to http://www.comelec.gov.ph/precinctfinder/precinctfinder.aspx and fill in your personal details. Thanks to technology because we no longer have to go through the tedious process of going over a long list of voters and hopping to another precinct in case you can't find your name in the previous precinct. It saves us time.

To expedite things more, it is best that you prepare your list of candidates before going to the polling place so that you don't have to spend more time there. Only fifteen minutes is allowed for each voter to stay inside the polling precinct therefore you have go in there prepared.

A few things to remember:

Come and vote early.
Cellphones and cameras are not allowed inside the polling precinct.
Make a list before going to the polling place.
Vote according to your conscience and don't be intimidated by surveys.
Pray for a peaceful, honest and orderly election.

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