01 May 2010

Feels like having a heat stroke

The heat was just so intolerable this afternoon. I rode a taxi to get to where we are going to have our dance practice this afternoon because I cannot stand being under the heat of the sun even for a minute. It's that hot!

Thirty minutes into our dance practice, I was already gasping for air since it was so freaking hot. I must have gobbled two liters of water. Fortunately, by the time we ended our practice, it was late afternoon and there was much air to refresh us but I wasn't feeling good by then. It feels like there's heat that's trapped inside my whole body. I am feeling feverish until now but I am sweaty at the same time. I have turned on the air conditioning unit the moment I stepped inside the house and I took more water just for the feeling to go away. So now, while seating here in front of the laptop, I can't stop thinking about a cone of delicious ice cream. Nom nom nom...

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