18 May 2010

1st Mindanao Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention

The First Mindanao Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention was held last May 3 until May 10 at Gaisano Mall here in Davao City. Thousands of toys and collector's items were showcased during the event. Hobbyists, kids and older people alike trooped to the week-long event to catch a glimpse of the huge collections of different toys from famous Comics and Movie characters.

It was really amazing to see how some people take toy collection so seriously that most of the items that were on display are very expensive and are hard to find. It's also interesting to note that there's a large collection of various toys and characters that I have not even heard about. I only got to meet them there. The event was culminated by a Cosplay event in the afternoon of May 9. It's nice to see all those lovely teens who look like they got out straight from television with all anime costumes.

There was a large number of people who went to see the toys that were displayed. Most of them took pictures and videos of these prized collections.

Some of the teenage kids who participated in the Cosplay event.

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