14 April 2010

Power Outage Schedule

I am beginning to see this whole power interruption thing as very crippling and at times, it drives people out of their wits. Take for instance the scenario that transpired in the office earlier this afternoon, an office mate said that there is a scheduled power interruption in our area at 3:30pm. Thinking that she verified the said news, everyone was keeping themselves busy to take advantage of the time left to work with computers and do printing jobs. Everyone was expecting and anticipating the power outage but 5:00pm came and there was no brownout. Now, the ones scheduled to man the counter tomorrow is now worried that it's highly likely that there's going to be power outage tomorrow.

So when I arrived home, I made it a point to check Davao Light and Power Co.'s website, our power distributor here in Davao City and looked for the power interruption schedule. I found their advisory very helpful because if there's one consolation we can get out of this power shortage, it's being able to, at least, know when to expect power outage so we can plan our activities ahead.

I learned that our area's source of power is from Victoria feeder 1 and that we belong to group B. Feeders area are grouped into three and each group will rotate in all three brownout schedules in one week. So based on their table, our office should expect power outages somewhere around 9:am til 1:00pm on Fridays and somewhere around 1:00pm to 5:00pm on Mondays and Tuesdays. Too bad, I am scheduled to do front line job this Friday and it's the most dreaded thing when people coming to the office to pay their bills tend to ask so many questions yet you can't provide the details.

So if you are from Davao City and would like to know your power interruption schedule, click this.

And by the way, thank God our bill's lesser by 30% for two months now. Thank God I live in Davao and that we have Davao Light and not Meralco.


josie said...

Thanks for dropping by at my site. Haha, I'm from QC and Meralco is our power supplier, luckily we don't experience power outage.

kat said...

ouch..wa pa diay nahuman brownout diha sa atoa? hehehe

Thanks for the visit..