05 April 2010

Power outage again

Just when I was rejoicing about the fact that we have not experienced power outage the entire week last week, it turned out to be premature because just this afternoon, we experienced another close to a three-hour brownout. The lack of ventilation in our office building made the experience much more like that of a death sentence. Thank God 5:00pm came too soon so we could get out to bask in the open air with delight. It is really one of those moments when you see the value of fresh air. Ahh, feels like heaven.

But my taste of comfort would be short-lived because just as I was about to step into our humble abode, the lights and sounds suddenly turned off. Oh no, it's our place's turn for another two hour rotating brownout. Nah, so I lounged on the sofa for the entire two and a half hours pounding on my cellphone keys while hoping that there will power soon. I pray dear God that there will be more rain soon.

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