04 April 2010

Happy Easter!

The long vacation has just ended so it means that we're back to reality and on with the daily grind.  I expect traffic to be worse today as it is a Monday day and the first working day after a long weekend.  

I love this photo as it gives a feeling of control over something that's huge.  We climbed all the way to the rooftop of our building just to get a great view of Davao below.  The structure in this photo is the Lando Pacific Building located at J.P. Laurel Avenue, no I don't work there but it's the building across our office.  So if you are from Davao, you probably have an idea where I go to work everyday.  

So much for the chat, it's five minutes before seven o'clock so I better put an end to this post else I will be running late during the first day of work. Ciao! Have a great week ahead.

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teJan said...

haluhalu...hows your day? hope to hear you soon:) good day!