18 April 2010

Got promo fares at last!

After a year of being confined within Davao City, I will finally be flying off to other places again. My life's getting more toxic than it already is so I figured it will be good to take some break before I suffer from burnout. Thanks to the promo fares that Cebu Pacific runs every now and then. I was able to book for two separate trips, one is a domestic trip while the other will be my first out-of-the-country trip, the trip to Manila though was a treat from my sister. I thank God for wonderful sisters!

Anyway, I believe there's still a promo right now at Cebu Pacific for domestic travels so if you like to travel within the country, this is the best opportunity for you, go hurry and good luck.


Pinay Mommy Online said...

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Thank you very much! Hope to see you soon.

viva said...

von voyage. Take care...