10 April 2010

Fun with nature at Eden

One thing about me is that I prefer the cool breeze in a mountain resort than bask under the heat of the sun in the beach. The heat these days are really getting crazy that I no longer want to get out during day time. Thank God our field work is over because the last time we were immersed under the scorching heat was a curse. My head feels hot until the next day even after a few showers. We really should save our trees.

One of Davao's favorite weekend getaway spots is Eden Nature Park and Resort in Toril, Davao City. It's a refreshing escape especially on a hot summer and a serene retreat to some place of peace and quiet. A lot of activities can be done at Eden Nature Park that both kids and grown-ups will both enjoy. There's the fishing village and swimming pool for the kids to enjoy. They also have a zip line called the sky rider for thrill seekers at a fee of P120.00. I have tried it myself but it took me 48 years to finally decide to jump, I really pissed the guide that time because I took a lot of their time while the queue is growing longer wehehe... Of course, it's my life we're talking about here. Do I get a second life in case your harness fails? After some time, he slowly pushed me and I could no longer back out because I was in the air screaming my lungs out. The next ride was easier than the first one, the spirits must have awaken that time.

We booked for their day package that comes with a buffet lunch for a price of P450.00. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for the day package that comes with a plate of snack for only P180.00. Better yet, head on to their website for more info about them. It was a fun day of nature-tripping and adventure, I got wind burns though as I forgot to put sunblock.

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