23 August 2010

Staying glued on TV

It's a sad day for us with the unfortunate ending of the hostage drama that took place at Quirino Grandstand today.  The hostage-taking started at seven in the morning and ended up in a tragic note after more than ten hours.  Everyone is glued to their televisions and as for me, this is one of those times when I get to think about getting the best directv deals again so I won't be behind the latest news around the globe.

I have been hearing about directsattv.com for quite some time now.  In fact, I have already written about them a couple of times in the past.  I checked out their package this time for great deals again and whoa, the premier package with more than 285 channels that includes up to 40 premium movie channels is just so tempting.  If that sounds great to you too, you can get a free quote through the directsat tv website right now.  

We used to have a cable subscription with one of the leading cable companies here in our country but the service they offer is just so disappointing that we decided to cut it off.  For quite a long time, we don't have cable tv and have become contented with the local channels.  However, with everything happening so fast around the world, we can't help but feel the need to get more channels so we also get updated.  I might just settle with the direct tv deals that they offer now, if the budget permits.

02 August 2010

Ruby Tuesday #6

This is my choice of flight schedule whenever I go to Manila since I don't have to wake too early in the morning or rush to get to the airport on time. It's also perfect for arrival in Manila since there won't be much traffic when I get there. I took this photo while waiting for boarding last June 11 with my Dad.

28 July 2010

Davao City Public Safety Command Center is now open

There's good news when I tuned in to the local TV news today. Apart from our city being the first city in the Philippines to have 911, the Public Safety Coordination Command Center in Davao City was inaugurated today. As part of the city's traffic signalization program, 16 CCTV monitors are housed inside the Command Center. CCTV cameras are now placed in different strategic locations within the city to better monitor the traffic situation and manage crisis as it arise. There's no more escaping for traffic violators as the system is also capable of zooming features. The Public Safety Command Center is located in Sandawa, Matina and is also the new home of 911. The occasion was graced by Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

26 July 2010

Ruby Tuesday #5: Lovely Swan

This is just one of the lovely sights that can be found in our People's park. The red beak on this lovely swan makes it perfect for this week's Ruby Tuesday. It has been almost two years since we last set foot in this park. I heard that there have been new attractions in the place so I am going to schedule another fine weekend for a stroll with my family.

If you are not from Davao City, Our people's park is located right in the very heart of the city. Just within the area, is a strip of hotels and restaurants where you can try delicious Davao delicacies.

Check out more of Ruby Tuesday by clicking on this link.

25 July 2010

Shopping can be therapeutic

I guess most women would agree that shopping can be therapeutic. It can be an excellent way to relieve stress, ease boredom or release unpleasant emotions. This is because I believe that with shopping, you get to feast your eyes on all things nice and beautiful. If there's one thing that I would love to do all day without complaining, it would be shopping. The bad news is, it can be financially draining too but there are ways to shop wisely. Looking at a shopper's buying guide first before throwing those precious dollars would be an excellent idea.

While most women would spend majority of their shopping budget on shoes, bags and clothes, I am more into shopping for sports and other athletic apparels. It's because I am more after comfort and style these days than all those girlie stuff. I guess I have outgrown that phase where all a girl cares about is to look good. I guess, my shopping style has changed too because now that I have discovered online shopping with this great shopping guide at shopwiki.com, I can just shop with ease. Do check them out.

24 July 2010

Scenic Sunday #4: Taal Lake

Scenic Sunday

Last weekend, we drove to Tagaytay together with my long time friends. We took the South Luzon Expressway and arrived in Tagaytay just in time for lunch. It was my first time to go to Tagaytay after our plans didn't push through last month because of Taal's volcanic activities. It was a short visit as we intended to go back to Manila in the afternoon before we get caught in traffic gridlock so we could still have plenty of time to shop at Greenhills.

There's the view of Taal volcano below, the skies were hazy all day so we didn't get to have the perfect snapshot of Taal but this will do. The fact that I've been to Tagaytay is a goal that's met.

23 July 2010

Food Trip Friday #4: Chaikofi

With not much time left, we postponed having lunch to give way for last minute shopping in MOA. We have a flight to catch up at 4:55pm and it's 2:30 in the afternoon which means we have to go to the airport or risk being not able to be in that flight. I had that terrible experience last month that I no longer want it to happen ever again. We were in time when the counters opened for check in but the queue was long, Ada was heaven sent because she directed us to go to the express counter which obviously, only very few knew about. We were able to get the second row seats, how lucky.

We had lunch past 3 o'clock in the afternoon and me being unable to survive without rice insisted that we look for a restaurant that offers rice meal inside the airport. There were only two so we chose to dine at Chaikofi. Whether they're a coffee shop or a thai restaurant, that I no longer cared to find out as my grumbling stomach is waiting to be filled. I ordered Chai dobo, it's pork adobo with a twist. My friend Melon's meal won't be complete without her favorite Blushing Bride, it's a strawberry milkshake.

Chai dobo (Php 150)

Blushing Bride (Php 150)

Mr. Chaikofi

19 July 2010

Back from a Vacay

Just got back from a fun and happy weekend with my best friends from College. We don't get to see each other much, if we do, it happens twice a year so the reunion was a very welcome happening. That trip was a spur of the moment thing when we met last May because Ada came home to Davao for a vacation. She invited us to come over her place in Manila so in an instant, we found ourselves booking a flight for Manila in July. Aahh, these friends can be compared to a precious gold bullion that never loses its value as time goes by but unlike a bullion, a good friend cannot be bought . We opted to go for Cebu Pacific's Go Lite Promo because it's a hundred bucks cheaper but that means we have to travel light too.

Ada's family met us at the airport and we proceeded to MOA to rent a van and then went to Bonifacio High Street to meet my sister who was leaving for a training the next day. Typhoon Basyang had just left the country and coming from a typhoon-free city, we were surprised to see the aftermath of Basyang in Manila. We went to Tagaytay last Saturday but it was sad to see how the place deteriorated through the years. We had lunch at Sonya's Garden but the place wasn't what we expected as well. We then left for Manila and had a shopping spree at Greenhills. It is during these times that we wish we had lots of money to burn. After the shopping was done, our bags felt like we had bricks of gold inside because it was heavy. Speaking of gold, there's a good place to buy bullion for those who are planning to buy gold bullion. They can visit goldcoinsgain.com for more information about gold and buying gold bullion.

The places we visited were not quite impressive but what counts the most is the happy time we spent together. We are all so looking forward to November as we explore Iloilo and Boracay for the first time.

14 July 2010

The Infinity Pool at Villa de Mercedes

In relation to my previous post, Villa de Mercedes: to go or not to go. I didn't have the chance to say no to the opportunity last Saturday as my co-workers already texted me that they were waiting for me outside and that they were willing to wait until I get ready to go. So, I was able to join the fun joint birthday celebration of two dear co-workers.

We arrived there late in the afternoon so I didn't have the chance to capture the scenery during daytime. All of the shots I took were night scenes using my handy point and shoot Sony Cybershot.
This is the kid's pool, notice the nice colorful lights of the pool. It accentuates the pool even more at night time.

For those who don't feel like dipping into the pool, bringing a good book with you is a good idea because you can have a great time lounging in one of those relaxing couches by the poolside.

12 July 2010

Blog Updates

After a week of deafening silence, I am back. A lot of things came up the past week that took a toll on all of us here at home. It was a tough week dealing with sickness in the family with my brother being admitted for a few days and our sweet little puppies not being able to survive the distemper virus that hit them despite efforts by the kind veterinarian who attended to them when they were sick. It was a sad week so that kind of made me not in the mood to work on my blogs.

Tonight, I resolved to make an update but not without some minor distractions from an ad about Texas Movers which made me really curious because the last time I checked on something called swingers which made me thought about swings which we played on as kids turned out be referring to something which is not desirable. After all, I am not that familiar with the ways of the world. Speaking of moving, transferring to a new abode can be a real pain especially when moving long distance so in the case of the people Moving to Texas, there are things they should be really thankful for like some Texas Moving Companies.

By the way, we just did general cleaning around the house and looking at the amount of stuffs that we have, I wonder if these are the kind of stuffs that Texas International Movers have to deal with every day. They must be doing a great job taking care of hassles like moving things. It was so lucky of us that we don't have to move from one house to another.

02 July 2010

Signed up for Entrecard

Yep! I have added this blog at Entrecard. So if you see this wiget, please drop some love. Entrecard helps improve a blog's traffic and you also get to meet and befriend fellow bloggers. My other blog has been with Entrecard for several months now and it has improved its alexa rank and I also got more visitors to my blog.

Villa de Mercedes: to go or not to go

Our office will be having a weekend pool party this afternoon at Villa de Mercedes for our co-workers belated birthday celebration. Everyone seems to be going to except for a few who have prior commitments this afternoon. Although I have already paid for the pool entrance, I am still having second thoughts about going to the party because there are several things that need to be done at home. The house needs general cleaning badly as we have been infested with pests and I swear I want to have them exterminated as soon as possible. The sofa needs to be vacuumed as bed bugs are having a grand time with their stay in the couch. Plus, dear sister needs a helping hand with the biz cards for their newly-opened shop. I have my hands full these days and I feel like always being on the run.

On the other hand, I am thinking about all the fun that I am going to miss and the opportunity to see the place and take pictures of it. Haay! I'd better start cleaning up right at this very moment so I can see if I'd still have time left to decide whether to party or not. I wish that I would have some me-time left so I can relax and take a deep breath. It's too hectic!

Food Trip Friday #3: Biggest Pizza

This is probably the world's biggest pizza from Mama Maria's pizzeria. The pizza measures 63 cms. and we had it divided into 20 slices to accommodate 20 people in the office who wants to try out the humongous pizza. A slice is enough to make one full, deliciously good too.

Mama Maria's Pizza
J.P. Laurel Ave., Bajada Davao City
(beside Sychar Hotel)

28 June 2010

Scenic Sunday #3: Weekends at the Park

Scenic Sunday

These are familiar scenes on a weekend at People's Park.

See more scenic views at Scenic Sunday.

25 June 2010

Food Trip Friday #2: Birthday Treat

My favorite treats from Blugre, Davao's first and finest coffee shop. My entry for this week's edition of Food Trip Friday.

On a tight budget

Time to work doubly hard because here comes difficult times. I am currently doing my Math homework right now because after having been to two different cities this month, I must now watch my spending habits. There's a downside to traveling and that's having to live with a tight budget after because of the dining and shopping we do while traveling. However, despite all the calculations and budgeting that I do, I still end up short due to unaccounted spending that I forgot to list down. Solving mathematical problems back then was easier though we didn't have Free math homework help than having to adhere to a strictly tight budget. So I must work doubly hard to get online work so I could come up with funds for my upcoming travel again.

Speaking of math, it's really nice to see that kids these days get free math tutoring to help them cope up with their math lessons. Back then, we really need to listen to our teachers' explanations carefully and understand what's written in the books.

24 June 2010

Wish there were more Wi-fi Spots in Davao

Internet connection has become a necessity but here in Davao, free internet connections can only be availed when you go to coffee shops or to SM. There is also a free internet access in the airport but you have to wait for your turn in case there's queue of people wanting to use it. I wish there are more wifi spots here in Davao like those you see in Manila. While strolling the Ayala Triangle Gardens, yes! where the Philippine flag inspired flower garden is located, we were surprised to see that Globe has a free Wi-fi service in the area. They also have free internet stations inside malls that shoppers can use when there's something they need to check over the web. How convenient that can be. I wish we have that here.

(The Philippine Flag)

(A closer look at the sun and its eight rays symbolizing the first eight provinces to rise against the Spaniards)

23 June 2010

Need to do some cleaning quick!

Our home is such a ghastly sight these days. The windows are covered with dusts, curtains needed to be changed, some appliances needs repair and the floors has to be scrubbed. My hands are really full these days and I can no longer figure out which should come first. The people at home are taking turns getting sick and this could be because the house is dirty. I easily get a runny nose whenever I clean the room because the dusts accumulate easily because we live near the highway so I am thinking about getting a portable air purifier cheaply so I no longer have to worry about the air that we breathe.

I have been doing overtime work the whole week so I am tired when I get home. I still need to organize my recent travel pictures and the posts that I need to do. I am still confused as to where I have to begin with all of the tasks that are at hand. Sometimes, I wish I could hire help just to get everything running smoothly.

Anyway, I will start with my room tomorrow morning then slowly move to my comfort room then to the kitchen. Hah! just thinking about those things is giving me a headache. I got to go now because I don't want to be late for work tomorrow. See you around.

21 June 2010

World Cup 2010 Fever

June started with the world getting loco over the World Cup 2010 and just like everywhere else, there's also a World Cup Fever at Cupcakes by Sonja. These are cute cupcakes with jerseys of different teams on top of them. Because they're too cute, you won't wanna eat them anymore.

I hope an Asian country wins the World Cup this year. But unlike most European countries, Filipinos are not so into football. The Philippines is famous for having a love affair with basketball. Despite the Filipinos having deficiency in the height department, there is an unexplainable love for basketball. I hope we realize that we have the potential in sports such as football where height is not a requirement.

Don't let the bed bugs bite

This is usually what I hear from a friend whenever we exchange good nights before going to sleep but a year ago, I realized that we can also take this literally because there was a time when our mattresses were infested with bed bugs. I had no idea what it was until I noticed that I got those rashes and itches from bed bugs as one friend has noticed. Right there and then, we had our mattresses cleansed with a certain pesticide that was meant to kill the nasty bed bugs. But more than that, my sisters and I needed to get an effective bed bug bites cure for ourselves.

Speaking of skin care, my sister and I go to different skin care clinics but she is persuading me to try her clinic since they are giving away membership packages that are really great on savings. However, I am not about ready to give up the convenience I get from my present skin care clinic because of its proximity to my office and to our home. My legs are in bad shape these days because I always get this insect bites from I don't know where, I notice this every time I sit on our couch so I am suspecting that it might be pest-infested again. Now, we know why they are called pests.

Ruby Tuesday #4: Santan

A Red Santan, this flower can be seen in many backyards here in our country. There are several other different colors of this flower but this photo of a red santan which I captured in Ayala Triangle Gardens is perfect for this week's entry to Ruby Tuesday.

20 June 2010

Must lose weight now!

I got hold of another seven-day diet program shared to us by a co-worker. I have been trying to lose weight for several months now but has been on a yo-yo trend. Whenever I lose weight due to rigid physical activities, I immediately gain back the poundage I lost. Sometimes, it makes me think about getting drastic measures just so I'll get rid of these fats. In about six months, I will be the Maid of Honor in my sister's church wedding. I had my measurement taken last month and was quite happy that I was able to shed off some inches. Though I still have plenty of time to work on it, I sometimes think about doing it the fast way. I wonder if bariatric food will work wonders for me.

After watching the A-team today, I was again reminded of the goal to become fit again when I saw Jessica Biel. Had I known back then that losing weight is this hard, I should have watched what I eat every time. I am afraid of taking those diet pills because they might have side effects later on or we never know our true state of health especially that I experience episodes of palpitation so I guess it's better to stay away from those pills.

So what's the best weight loss program for me? I already know that exercise works best for me but I am too lazy to do it regularly. I have no physical activity for two weeks now and I am worried that I'll gain more weight so I guess I better revive my badminton racket before that happens. Badminton, I haven't played for quite a while now and I missed playing. It reminds me, I need to do a separate post on that too.

Scenic Sunday #2: Happy Father's Day

Scenic Sunday

Happy Father's day to all dads out there. This scene was taken last weekend at Bonifacio High Street when me, my sister Jenny and our Dad had our afternoon snack at Sonja's Cupcakes. This is a very heartwarming scene, one that's perfect for today's celebration of Father's Day.

More at Scenic Sunday.

18 June 2010

Manila after one and a half year

We spent the long weekend with a short trip to Manila to visit my sister Jenny who works there. That Manila experience was far different from the previous visits that I had, the last time I went there was during our company's badminton competition about one and a half year ago. This time, I was lucky not to experience Manila's exasperating traffic gridlock. It must be because it was a holiday and a weekend.

Though we originally planned to go to Tagaytay, we have to scrap the plan because of Taal's level 2 alert. I haven't been to Tagaytay so I was in a way upset. I have not prepared much for that trip because I was so busy coming from General Santos so I had to prepare my stuffs to bring for that trip six hours before the trip so I ended up sleepy head during the entire flight and as I was in Manila, I realized I forgot to bring a lot of important things, my eyeglasses being the most important. My sister's housemate was heaven-sent because we fortunately have the same grade.

It was a short 3-day trip but I had a lot of fun experiences to share. More about my Manila experience in the coming days!

When one gets drowned in her work

My working station is an awful mess these days. Due to the several activities I have engaged myself into during the past couple of months plus the mandatory records management activity that takes up a lot of time considering the tons of paperwork that we do everyday, it seemed like my work backlog is growing bigger and bigger each day that I can no longer handle and manage it well. To solve this, I have listed down the tasks that I needed to do and figure out which is urgent and not so urgent and from there, I could make a schedule of things that I need to do. As much as I do not want to render overtime work, I have no choice but to work beyond the eight hours just so I could meet the deadline and to keep my tasks updated. I am itching to get rid of all the mess that sometimes, voracious me only has to grab an endulge bar just so I won't have to bother with a grumbling stomach.

Again, tomorrow I will be working on a Saturday. If I have a song playing in my head right now, it would have to be that song that talks about wishing to be a billionaire so freaking bad! But this is life so let's just live with it .

Food Trip Friday #1: Cake Party

My immediate supervisor celebrated her 46th birthday last week and since all the presents she got that day were cakes of different sizes and shapes, we ended up having a cake party for our afternoon break. Here are just three of the cakes we binged on that day:

It was indeed a sweet afternoon Food Trip.

16 June 2010

Team Pacquiao

For years, it had been General Santos City = Pacquiao. General Santos City is home to the world's No. 1 Pound for Pound Boxer (take that, Gayweather!) and every time we hear General Santos City, we remember Pacquiao more than we remember tuna. So on our recent trip to the City, we stopped by Robinson's since the Robinson's we have here in Davao City is only the Supermarket. The store that we frequently went to in Robinson's was Team Pacquiao, a clothing store owned by Pacman himself.

In the store, you will find this life sized poster of Manny Pacquiao which was taken during the weigh-in for the Dela Hoya fight. Also displayed in the store are some of Manny's prized possession like the Everlast boxing gloves with Manny's signature in it and the Boxer of the year award that he won. Being a visitor to this city and a huge fan of Pacman even way back when he was still starting out in Blow by Blow, I never left the store without getting a Team Pacquiao shirt with Pacman's signature in it. I then prodded my co-workers to buy a shirt too so we could wear it together on a Friday at work and all of them did. I wish I'd be able to see the man in flesh one day.

07 June 2010

Home sweet home

It's great to be back home! After four days, we returned from General Santos with our mission accomplished. The Southmin group was the over-all champion alongside NCR Housing group for our 2010 National Sportsfest that was held in General Santos City from June 3-5. The contingents from the different regions arrived early morning on June 3 in time for the opening ceremony later in the afternoon which was held at Sarangani Capitol Gym. It was a very long and exhausting four-day stay yet it was also a fun and learning experience too as we immerse ourselves with the culture and way of life of General Santos City.

The first thing that I instantly noticed when we reached General Santos City was its tormenting heat. I guess almost everyone got a darker shade when we returned because some of the activities required us to stay outdoors. I also now understand that General Santos City's main mode of transportation is the pedicab or a tricycle. When we first got there, I immediately looked for a taxi so we can get to our hotel faster but we were informed that taxis there are hired for a special price and there was only about two of them in sight so we had no choice but to ride a pedicab as there was no available office vehicle to accommodate us that afternoon. After several times of riding the pedicab, I have learned to appreciate it because it has a flat rate of 7 pesos no matter how far or near your destination will be unlike the jeepney here in Davao. It could be a pain in the neck though, I mean literally especially if you get into a smaller pedicab which cannot fit the likes of Bonel Balingit.

Another interesting thing is that we were amazed to find out how the 3d movie ticket at Robinson's Movie world would cost at a surprisingly low price of P111 only! Though we really would love to watch Shrek on 3d last Saturday, we cannot squeeze it in to our schedules so we have to forego that one. A 3d movie ticket at SM here in Davao would cost P250 so that's more than double the price at Robinson's in General Santos so I must say we really missed on one great opportunity.

Just across our hotel is the Plaza Heneral Santos so we took time for a walk in the park at night and was pleased to see the nice view of the park and the nearby establishments that we ended up having an instant photo walk that night and had fun taking snapshots of the lights and the beauty of the park.

It wasn't my first time to go to General Santos City but I can say that this time, I was able to experience the city more than during my first visit there and I loved the experience. It is indeed Magandang Gensan!

02 June 2010

Taking down my Gensan Notes

I am here in General Santos City to participate in our company's National Sportsfest which is going to be held in Alabel Saranggani. I arrived yesterday after more than two hours of road trip along with my other co-workers. The heat of General Santos City is incomparable even to the hottest temperature we experience in Davao. The heat is simply exhausting and torturous to the skin. So after a few hours of being exposed outside, I got myself a running nose and a dry and irritating cough.

The sportsfest will open this afternoon at 1:00 pm and I am just so glad that I am not among the players so that would mean I am not required to join the parade under the glaring and scorching heat of the sun. I am only praying that there will be no power outage this afternoon contrary to what we experienced yesterday afternoon while doing our aerodance rehearsals. It was suffocating especially that the committee has covered the windows with cardboard to prevent sunlight from coming in since the gym is airconditioned anyway but it did not prove to be advantageous during power outages.

Since I don't want to be remiss on my blogging duties, I have brought my laptop with me but the hotel's wifi zone is limited to its public areas so that would mean I have to go down every time I need to do something on the net. I was informed by my friend about the latest web host news and so I need to check on that too because switching to a domain has been a long overdue task for me.

Saranggani is known for its beautiful beaches, as one of the descriptions I have read a few days ago, its beaches can be compared to that of Boracay twenty years ago. To find that out for myself, me and some of my friends are planning to see the beaches in Gumasa after our events. I will be blogging more of General Santos later.

31 May 2010

Ruby Tuesday #3: In our Garden

A flowering plant that grows in our small garden. The sight of this and the other blooming flowers in our garden is a wonderful thing to see especially when you see the stages of how it blossoms to become a lovely flower. There is a sense of fulfillment that you get out of the nurturing that you give to these plants everyday. This is my entry for this week's edition of Ruby Tuesday.

29 May 2010

Scenic Sunday #1: Reflection

It is so cute to see a little kid that seems to be in such deep thoughts. We were wondering what Bea was thinking as she looks at the fine white sands of the beach. This was taken during one of our weekend getaways at Paradise Beach Resort.

Scenic Sunday

When old friends meet again

...expect a lot of binging and never-ending stories about life and its becoming. The same is true when me and my college friends got together again after almost a year of not seeing each other. Our friend who is already living in Manila went home this month for a visit to her family and so it's a must for us to meet and catch up on each others' lives. We decided to meet in the afternoon since one of our friends live in Tagum which is about an hour away from Davao City. Unusually, I was the first to arrive at our meeting place, a coffee shop that my girl friends have learned to love. It's the only coffee shop here that serves frozen yogurt but that's not what we ordered that day.

The service that day was disappointing and in fact, somebody made an awful scene that day to show his disgust about how poor the service of the coffee shop is. The bitter thing is that the foreigner was lambasting the whole Philippines for having a low-class quality of service. Anyway, 'nuff of the unpleasantries, my mocha avalanche was a blast though and we had a great time there unmindful of the people around us.

Through the course of the conversation, somebody suddenly thought of going for a vacation together on July and in a spur of a moment, we were headed to the nearest internet cafe we could find to book our tickets. That's something all of us are really looking forward to in the next couple of months.

Not yet ready to call it a night, we decided to go to Krua Thai, an authentic Thai restaurant to have our dinner. We were lucky to catch their Visakha Bucha Festival which runs from May 15 until June 15.

Thom Yam soup (Php 180)

Seafood Platter (299)

Meat Platter (Php 299)

We went home fully stocked that night and we weren't able to finish everything so I took it home. I am now counting the days until July because I can't wait to be with good friends again. It's actually our first time to travel together and I bet it will be a lot of fun just like how it used to be during college days.

28 May 2010

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24 May 2010

Ruby Tuesday #2: Conti's

These are boxes of Conti's cream puffs and food of the Gods which have become our new favorites. Since it's not available in our place, we anticipate getting several boxes of these delicious pastries whenever our sister comes home from Manila for a vacation. I can't wait to go to Manila next month so I could buy a few boxes of their Food of the Gods because they are simply addicting. This is my entry for Ruby Tuesday.

Re-visiting Cafe Andessa

Although Cafe Andessa is just a few blocks away from our house, we rarely visit the place and if we do, it's only during those times when the family gets together when my sisters come home for a vacation. Our recent visit to this homey restaurant was last May 10 when the Philippines had its historical first automated election. Since it took us a good six hours and more to finally have our turn to cast our vote, we decided to have a hearty lunch in Cafe Andessa since it is just a few steps away from our polling place.

The aesthetic value and the ambient effect of the cafe's interior is what I really like about this place. The music they play never fails to capture myself in reverie. As for the culinary aspect of the visit, we ordered the usual family favorites that were the Kinilaw na Malasugue and the Sinigang na Lapu-lapu but this time, we also tried the specialty of the cafe, but we opted to have it not-so the Bicol Express that they serve because our tongues cannot tolerate spicy food. Papa also wanted to try their Sisig.

Cafe Andessa has been in the business for a three years now and it's nice to see that still, a good number of people are going to this restaurant.

18 May 2010

1st Mindanao Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention

The First Mindanao Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention was held last May 3 until May 10 at Gaisano Mall here in Davao City. Thousands of toys and collector's items were showcased during the event. Hobbyists, kids and older people alike trooped to the week-long event to catch a glimpse of the huge collections of different toys from famous Comics and Movie characters.

It was really amazing to see how some people take toy collection so seriously that most of the items that were on display are very expensive and are hard to find. It's also interesting to note that there's a large collection of various toys and characters that I have not even heard about. I only got to meet them there. The event was culminated by a Cosplay event in the afternoon of May 9. It's nice to see all those lovely teens who look like they got out straight from television with all anime costumes.

There was a large number of people who went to see the toys that were displayed. Most of them took pictures and videos of these prized collections.

Some of the teenage kids who participated in the Cosplay event.