11 July 2009

Lasang Pinoy #3:I Saw the Food Sign

I can't find of any other suitable entry for this week so I guess this one will do. You have to squint a little though to be able to read the food sign of Shakey's, one of my favorites but not for their pizza though. I love mojo potatoes and whenever I crave for it, I go to Shakey's Pizza. Needless to say, this one's taken in February as red hearts are all over. My favorite combo meal to order is this, Bunch of Lunch.

Makes me go hungry again. Check out more yummy entries at Lasang Pinoy.

05 July 2009

Lasang Pinoy #2: Succulent

What could be more succulent than the rich juices we get to taste from fruits? Whenever I get to hear the word succulent, it makes me think about something that is juicy and refreshing. So for this week's Lasang Pinoy Sundays, I am posting a snapshot of fresh fruits that served as our dessert for our lunch during last May's office outing at Eden Nature Park.

The set above is a trio of pineapple, ripe mango and watermelon which I believed most Filipinos will agree, is a constant fixture in the buffet table. It can be eaten as it is or if you have a sweet tooth, you can add up a mixture of cream and condensed milk and voila you have an instant fruit salad. This is my entry for this week's theme of Lasang Pinoy. Feast on more succulent treats at their website.