11 July 2009

Lasang Pinoy #3:I Saw the Food Sign

I can't find of any other suitable entry for this week so I guess this one will do. You have to squint a little though to be able to read the food sign of Shakey's, one of my favorites but not for their pizza though. I love mojo potatoes and whenever I crave for it, I go to Shakey's Pizza. Needless to say, this one's taken in February as red hearts are all over. My favorite combo meal to order is this, Bunch of Lunch.

Makes me go hungry again. Check out more yummy entries at Lasang Pinoy.

05 July 2009

Lasang Pinoy #2: Succulent

What could be more succulent than the rich juices we get to taste from fruits? Whenever I get to hear the word succulent, it makes me think about something that is juicy and refreshing. So for this week's Lasang Pinoy Sundays, I am posting a snapshot of fresh fruits that served as our dessert for our lunch during last May's office outing at Eden Nature Park.

The set above is a trio of pineapple, ripe mango and watermelon which I believed most Filipinos will agree, is a constant fixture in the buffet table. It can be eaten as it is or if you have a sweet tooth, you can add up a mixture of cream and condensed milk and voila you have an instant fruit salad. This is my entry for this week's theme of Lasang Pinoy. Feast on more succulent treats at their website.

20 June 2009

Happy Firsts: LaPiS turns One and my first entry

Lasang Pinoy is a weekly food event where participating bloggers showcase food and the Filipino taste through food photography based on a given theme every Sundays. Incidentally, I learned that Lasang Pinoy Sunday Edition turns one today as I decided to check out their website to see how I may join this weekly event.

This is my first entry for Lasang Pinoy because every birthday is not complete without a birthday cake. Happy Birthday and wishing you more years to spice up every Sundays.

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11 June 2009

Davao Notes Revived and Refurbished

Whoa! Davao Notes and Snapshots is still alive. After much hiatus, I finally took time to refurbish and improve this blog. I am a proud daughter of Davao and it would be simply pleasurable to share my place of abode with you. There are so many things that I love about Davao that it would just be utterly impossible for me to stop talking about it to let people know how lovely this part of the world is. I am definitely back and blogging!

Meantime, enjoy the new look and feel.

04 June 2009

Chicco di Cafe

I finally discovered the best and by far the most addicting Rocky Road Brownies I have ever tasted only at Chicco di Cafe.

Last month, my sister went home for a week-long vacation as a much-needed work break. Undisputably, caffeine runs through our genes (I guess being coffee-holic is genetic or so I thought) we treated her to Chicco di Cafe, an ambiant coffee shop located in Roxas Avenue in Davao City. All of us haven't been to Chicco di Cafe so the vote was unanimous and so off, we go.

We just had our dinner at home so we decided to have small samplings of the cakes and coffee of course. We ordered Rocky Road Brownies and Moist Choco Cake, for our dose of coffee rush, we took Cafe au lait and Capuccino while I ordered Nutty Caramel Latte. The most unforgettable was the Rocky Road Brownies which tasted like sweet heaven.

We also brought our laptops with us so we can chat with our sissy who's working abroad. The wifi connection was pretty fast than what I expected and it's free. I noticed that most of the customers were students who are busy with their laptops which is not a surprise because there are several dormitories and boarding houses around the area. I also liked the idea that customers can choose their seats depending on the degree of comfort. There are sofas, cofee table for two or those who want do have their coffee al fresco can do so. I love the furniture and artistic pieces they use to accentuate the place.

As of late, there have been several new coffee shops that have been sprouting all over the city. The others like Tata Benito's have opened up a few more branches and this could mean that coffee shops are doing well in the city. Now, we can really say that Davaoenos really loved the laid-back lifestyle.

21 February 2009


A butterfly with broken wings can no longer fly. This one landed on our table at a friend's wedding. The poor creature tried several times to flap its wings but was too weak. I wondered then if its wings would grow back so he could fly again or if it'll just stay that way until it loses its life.

It was the newly-wed couples' turn to have their first dance and as we watched them, my thoughts on the poor creature suddenly shifted to the merriment we were witnessing. When I looked back to where the butterfly was resting, it was no longer there. I just hope that it flew safely back to its refuge.

17 February 2009


This is the current attraction at the Atrium of Gaisano Mall to spruce up the place in time for the love month. The gigantic L-O-V-E structure draws shoppers who stop by to have their snapshots taken.