01 November 2008



It's raining today but strangely, I am craving for Fagioli's ice-blended Caramel Machiatto. The Last time I went there was after the Bloggers networking night at the Grand Regal Hotel. My friends Shieryl and Mam Tes were still in high spirits then after the event. So, even if it's late at night and there's work the day after, we decided to drop by Fagioli. I ordered for a Caramel Macchiato since I have resolved to lessen my caffeine intake. Shieryl was curious about how their cheesecake tastes so she ordered for one.

It wasn't my first time to go to Fagioli and if there is one thing about it that I would immediately remember, it would probably be the spacious and beautifully designed comfort room that they have. It's a trend for coffee shops to have just one common comfort room for men and women alike but even so, I believe that a poorly maintained comfort room is one of the major turn offs for customers. Anyway, it's not something so nice to associate with food so let's drop the topic. I suggest you try checking them out at Lanang, Davao City beside the Kia Showroom.

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